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Implementing best practices is an essential step in ensuring operational availability of Critical Systems

Testing & Commissioning


Proper installation and Commissioning is essential for Critical Infrastructure availability. Equipment failures or operational malfunctions can be avoided with proper system commissioning, and it’s best to find these issues prior to placing equipment into service. Some systems appear to operate flawlessly until an “event” causes a catastrophic failure, and in most cases such events could have been avoided if proper testing was completed.

It’s understandable how Testing and Commissioning is often overlooked or valued out in the normal Construction Process. Some owners don’t understand that commissioning services are not included in standard equipment “start-up” processes. Sometimes testing and commissioning requirements are buried in specifications that never get addressed. Also, Owners don’t gain any “tangible” benefits of supplemental testing or commissioning that often interferes with the construction progress and slows down work.

CB Critical systems can tailor testing and commissioning services to validate equipment and / or system even in most production environments. Our Design and Construction management team consider testing and commissioning requirements prior to commencing work to prevent schedule impacts during construction. Our process ensures real value rather than obstructive paperwork. 

Our customized testing and commissioning plans are designed to meet both industry and manufacturers’ recommendations, with the Owners interest in mind.

We can perform various mechanical, electrical, controls, and Fire suppressions system tests tailored to specific needs including:

  • Equipment benchmark Testing
  • Equipment performance Tests
  • Multi-System Functional or Operational Testing
  • Owner Acceptance Testing