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Implementing best practices is an essential step in ensuring operational availability of Critical Systems

Power Studies & Power Quality


Our engineer's hands-on experience with critical systems and equipment coupled with our single-point comprehensive approach to performing power studies sets CB Critical Systems apart from other power study / Arc-Flash service providers.

We are backed by 20+ years of working with unique Mission Critical systems and equipment. CB Critical Systems uses industry leading software tools (both SKMtm and proprietary developed in-house), and state of the art metering equipment in performing power studies including –

  • Arc-Flash Analysis
  • Short-Circuit studies
  • Protective Device Coordination
  • System Grounding audits
  • Power Quality Assessments
  • Harmonic Analysis and mitigation

Having the proper tools and experience is essential. Our experience ensures that the system modeling, evaluations, assessments, and recommendations are based on specific operating needs and industry best practices.

CB Critical Systems personnel are directly involved with the information and application process from start to finish in order to reduce risks, errors, or omissions that can compromise safety or reliability.

Our in house work includes:

  • coordination with owners, vendors and manufacturers
  • performing Site Investigations to gather data
  • Supplying and operating metering / test equipment
  • setting protective devices based on study recommendations
  • Generating then applying field labeling where required

Our Arc-Flash studies focus on maximizing system performance and reducing hazard risk. Our Arc-Flash labeling meets Industry standards (ANSI Z535) and OSHA recommended "best practices" to provide electricians and maintenance personnel the right information rather than laundry lists of data.